Matt Goddard

Telling and Reporting Stories

Writing for readers, customers, clients, investors, for the love of it.

I'll help you shape a story, whether it's hidden at the heart of a company or sat across a table talking into a dictophone. I'm available for short- and long-form commissions, editing, project management and consultation across the gamut of professional writing.

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I’m an experienced writer and journalist, who’s written sparkling copy and popular articles for top brands, major websites, and newspapers.

I’m an avid consumer of culture and specialise in coverage of all forms of media, genre content and tech in press. I have and have a broad range of styles and knowledge to draw on to suit each subject.

As a marketer and artist, I can enhance the words with optimised articles for web and illustrations too.


· 3k + column inches in UK press (45k + shares)

· Coverage for international websites including

· Bylines include Mirror and The Guardian

· Founder: Jokerside pop-culture long-reads

· Over 2000 hours writing at live events

· Published author and reg. tech columnist

· Media trained, press-ready brand spokesperson

· Copy that's successfully products and start ups

In Press

  • Features, opinion, and fast turn-around content for leading press (incl. Mirror Online, 25m monthly audience(2019).
  • High profile media and pop culture articles and features generating thousands of hits and shares.
  • Worked across multiple desks including News, TV and Celebs.

For business

  • Business blogs for SAP, urgent transcription for 10 Downing Street, project management for seven IISS international conferences.
  • Specialist sales, consultation, and business writing for leading companies, incl. Microsoft, BBC, C4, Barclays, BP, Citi, and HSBC.
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What can I write for you?

Business: Summary & Transcript


"A fine eye for detail is most important..."

Even if you need an immaculate record of your event or meeting, there's still room to tailor it for your audience. You may need a complete and faithful verbatim transcript of proceedings. You may need a script that's intelligently edited to smooth out its grammar, increasing its readability while retaining all critical information. Either can be produced through attendance and recording or post-event from the record.


"He stressed the importance of detail..."

It’s a rare meeting that can’t be enhanced by a summary that distils its critical points into an easy to read document. The level of coverage and length can be agreed upon in advance, from conventional minutes to super executive summaries to chronological or thematic structures. Summaries can be produced from attendance, with or without recording, or post-event.

Editing & Proofreading

"He wouldn't passively dismiss the detail..."

Editing isn't just corrective. It is the power to enhance, reshape, and redirect any text. You may have a long document you want to distil and summarise. You may have a speech that needs fact-checking or rewriting, so the tone’s shifted to the serious or humorous. I can help, even if it's just for the reassurance of an extra pair of expert eyes.

Business: Marketing


iv. "Detail was the most important factor"

Reports draw in investors and customers with compelling information that's interpretable and actionable. They can prove and fulfil company growth or launch the next steps. A good report has good mileage, living through releases, decks and value content inside a company and out. You can draw on my immense experience shaping reports at the heart of campaigns and culture.


"Beyond the detail, the overarching themes..."

For a campaign, product or business to reach its full potential, you need to understand the story. Once you’ve found it, using it effectively means more than matching a solution to a problem or chasing the silver bullet. But that’s a start. I'll get to know your business and use my experience shaping brands to help you find or redefine your mission, vision and values. Then I'll help you activate it.


"The copy's doing the talking, right now..."

I've shaped copy for products and content campaigns in industries as diverse as fintech, hospitality and energy, across B2C and B2B. What do you need to connect your great idea to its ideal audience? Good copy and a writer who understands your business.


Opinion & Features

"I loved it..."

I honed my feature writing skills as a Senior Opinion Former at Trinity Mirror. You may be gathering distinctive voices for your new publication. You may need to set a tone or commission features guaranteed to grab attention and SM shares. If you want to generate interest and start conversations, get in touch.

News & Reviews

"He stressed the importance of detail..."

We live in interesting times. Do you need highly detailed news stories delivered to deadline or big topics relayed in a succinct article?


I provide scintillating, distinctive reviews on a broad range of specialisms, or I’ll stick to the facts if you're after impeccable objectivity.

Infographics & Interviews

"100% of people asked loved it..."

I've held interviews with actors, politicians, showrunners… And Archbishops! Tell me what you need, and I'll develop the best format, bottle the big topics down to the depth of coverage you need, ask the right questions and present it all in a form that meets your goals: in text, podcast or video.

Browse my journalism portfolio

Blogs, Vlogs & Podcasts

Jokerside blog

Pop culture long-reads in black and white

I established Jokerside in 2012 as a digital outlet for long-read essays and cartoons covering every part of pop culture. Over 200 articles later, the brand's grown to include merchandise and newsletters. I remain editor-in-chief.

The Raven & other Digests

Capturing the talking points

A good digest can form a staple of content, whether you’re communicating inside a company or externally. I've been running my Raven column for the past four years - each one compiling ten talking points on marketing, media and tech. Could your company benefit from a digest of industry-related or complementary news? I'll work with you on the content.


Testing, testing...

Podcasts are everywhere, aren’t they? There's a reason for that. The growth and potential is exponential, as shown over the past 18 months of lockdowns and massive change to personal and professional lives. Podcasts require compelling content that can works on commutes, runs, and quick walks around the block with the dog. I'm set up to plan, record, edit and delivery quality podcasts for your brand or company.

Fiction & Fact

Micro & Flash Fiction


I'm a little bit addicted to short-form fiction. It's great practise for pruning and distilling concepts and, you guessed it, it’s transferable. I've been longlisted in competitions run by NYC Midnight, Retreat West and shortlisted in The Australian Writers' Centre's monthly competition. Read It Passes and judges comments here.

Long-form prose


I write across multiple genres and in longer forms too. Are you after a ghostwriter or an editor? Do you have a structure that needs a review before you reach that problematic third act? I love talking structure, writing theory, and helping other writers reach their potential.



Books I've contributed to include:

  • You and Who
  • Blake's Heaven
  • You and Target

Recent Fiction

  • NYC Midnight, Micro fiction, (January 2021), Lifetimes of the Dead: FIRST PLACE (R1)

Sample feedback

“The imagery in this piece is extremely vivid and grim, yet it isn't obscene. That takes a lot of skill and you really nailed it. The economics of this imagined land make for an intriguing read. I appreciate the visceral imagery throughout this story, and there is a palpable intensity here. The story is well-written and well-paced. The plot progression is excellent, and I was drawn into the story. Overall, excellent!”

  • Australian Writer’s Centre, Furious Fiction (April 2021), It Passes: SHORTLISTED

Sample feedback

“This bold story takes a risk with genre that pays off – deceiving the reader with a humorous fairy-tale in its first half (a clever way to capture the judges’ attention?), before swiftly changing direction and finishing as a drama grounded in reality. Combined with its title, the power lies in its ability to be interpreted in various ways – like the author protagonist, the art is created and laid bare, allowing the audience to experience it in any way they choose. An excellent example of knowing the rules and choosing to break them.”

Complementing the Writing

Content & Design

You have a fantastic and shiny set of copy, but is something missing? I'll typeset my text or yours in brochures, pamphlets, decks, reports and magazines.

Brand & Strategy

I'm a full-stack marketing specialist with success in launching products, campaigns and startups in industries including hospitality, fintech and energy. I can do more than shape your strategy or copy. Take a look at my complete set of services.

Cartoon & Illustration

Words mean communication, but they’re not the only way you can communicate effectively with your customers, investors, friends or strangers. I set up Jokertoons to provide unique visual communication services for individuals and retail. How can Jokertoons help you?

More about my design
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More about my illustration