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RFU Blucasting

Thriller at Altitude

Events Winter Showcase

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Managing the scariest marketing. Halloween meets Strictly Comes Dancing, a one-off B2C phenomenon in 2014...

Creating campaigns and and managing events for B2B showcases at London's tallest riverside venue.

Filmed Interviews beamed to Bluetooth devices across Twickenham during Autumn internationals.

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York Today, York TV

IIISS Conferences

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Seven times project manager of the official record of the influential international conferences, real-time, remote and high quality delivery.

Over a year as lead director of the flagship magazine show and programme features, broadcast every morning on York TV.

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Techstar Metro Acceleraor

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I needed a mascot that personified value for money so created Val Ewe. Now an amorphous mascot for hire!

CMO of Venue10, a finalist in the autumn 2016  Metro Accelerator, gaining mentors and investment while powering the company on to be one of the world's leading food techs.

Branding and setting launch campaigns for two high-rise restaurants in millbank Tower, including Lobster London- shells, sliders and top chefs.

Iconic London   SPECTRE Event

Edinburgh Fringe

Product Launch - UES

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Few things match promoting in the largest cultural festival in the world. Here's one of my favourite posters, which helped La Zapatera Prodigiosa sell-out at the Fringe.

Breaking into the UK market with Ubiqus Event Software as sales, marketing and production head in london. A first year success.

Never miss a Bond... Event photography and blogging for this exclusive Thameside /BFI IMAX Bond event, featuring exclusive SPECTRE screenings.

Microsoft Convergence 2006 EMEA

Product Launch - DDR

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Ah, one of Bill Gates last keynotes at the launch of Vista. Producing the event report with aplomb in Munich.

Setting campaigns for new B2B products across multi-media to sit alongside established brands at Altitude London.

Channelling my business and art experience into the art agency that can change the way customers see comapnies.

YUSU Charity Campaigns

Occupy London


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Part of crew granted exclusive into Occupy London's Alternative Christmas party, filming and interviewing Thom Yorke and Robert Del Naja.

Here are just some of the events and campaign's and articles

it's been a pleasure to be a part of...

Greeting Cards

RE:Fresh Magazine

Key member of launch content and design team for two YUSU magazine. Articles, type-setting and editing.

Alternative to Violence

Editor-in-Chief @ Jokerside

Curating Reels Cafe

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Est. 2012, Jokerside produces on average two long-reads on pop culture a month - doubling readership every year.

Executive Club & Work Spaces

You & Who & Blake's Heaven

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Helping devise and creating and launching the marketing and PR campaigns for the Altitude Executive Club in Millbank Tower.

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On Bowie for Mirror Celebs

On Business for Molewood Consulting

On Film for Mirror News

On Art Cinema for

The Guardian

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On Gaming for Jokerside

Supporting Welface services at the University of York Student Union with copy and design.

My Jokertoons agency is broadening to produce art card and print series for every season.

Providing bespoke ink artwork for Alternative to Violence workshops.

A prime cinema in Westminster and a roster of hit films... So I set up a web-based campaign and film blog to sell and manage the brand.

Contributing to a trilogy of books sharing experiences of watching Doctor Who and Blake's Seven.

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Bringing my brand of Horror flowchart to Mirror Online.


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Mascot Creation  Val Ewe

Restaurant Launches

Occupy London Reels Cafe blakes_heaven_400px Nav 1 right white large Nav 1 right white large Nav 1 right white large Nav 1 right white large Nav 1 right white large Val Ewe Nav 1 right white large Nav 1 right white large IISS Windows_logo_-_2006 twickenham 300px-Multicamera-diagram office-583839_1920 Millbank Tower Nav 1 right white large


Advertising, campaign pieces and article creation for London's largest London Skyfall launch event. Published in The Evening Standard.