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Infographics& Interviews

Reports, proof-reading & editing

I'm available for short- and long-form commissions, project management and editing across the gamut of professional writing.


For Business

Perfect for any style of meeting, where you want to distil the key information into an easy to distribute document. Various levels of coverage can be agreed in advance, including conventional minutes or a chronological or thematic structure.

Can be produced from attendance,

with or without recording, or post-event.

Opinion & Features

News & Reviews

Summary work

Transcription work

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You need an immaculate record of an event, but there's still room to tailor it for your audience. Choose a full and faithful transcript of proceedings or a expertly rewritten script that amends grammar increases readability while retaining all key information. Produced through recording,

by attendance or post-event.

Draw on my immense experience working with departments to draw up project, marketing or consultation reports that distil all information in a document that's easy to interpret and action. If you have documents that could do with editing, summarising or proof-reading, I can help

If your publication or website needs a distinctive voice to create a tone or make a feature grab the attention, generate interest and start a conversation get in touch.

Looking for a professional writer?

Highly detailed news stories and big topics relayed in a succinct article? Yes! Get in touch if you've got anything you want reviewed or talked about on my platforms or yours.

I've run interviews with actors, politicians, showrunners & archbishops! I'll develop the best format and bottle big topics down to any depth of coverage.

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