Hi, I'm Matt

I'm a Marketer, Artist and Writer, and I created this page to talk about myself. I'll keep it short...

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  • Shortlisted: Furious Fiction, April 2021, Australian Writers' Centre
  • Longlisted: Retreat West Flash Fiction, February 2021
  • Book: You and Who: Contact Has Been Made (vols 1 & 2)

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My career has expanded in three creative directions, but like any good trident, they’re connected. Each part informs and shapes the others.

There isn't one way to market and grow a business, interpret a theme, or communicate effectively. I can find the right approach to every project thanks to the skillset and experience I’ve enjoyed growing over the best part of two decades.

Marketing Specialist

I'm a full-stack marketer. You can find out more about what that means and what services I offer here. But in summary, it means I support companies and brands with a full suite of marketing skills. From strategy to activation, content to analysis, I've taken the lead in marketing companies across diverse industries.

I don’t just understand the whole marketing process, from strategy to retention; I deliver it. I’m prepared to launch projects faster, at a lower cost, and with greater success. That’s part of the reason I've specialised in the fast-paced world of startups. Well, that and my calm under pressure disposition, love of multitasking, and interest in getting to grips with the culture of and story behind businesses.

Behind the marketing sits broad skills I’ve accrued at the coalface. I beat budgets working in direct sales during the 2008 economic crash. I’ve contributed to books, been shortlisted for international prizes in fiction and penned over 3k column inches in UK press.

Writer & Journalist

I first wrote for The Guardian in 2002 and have since built a formidable portfolio of articles crossing business and popular culture. I enjoy learning about and mining new subjects. My Raven column is one way I keep up with and comment on developments in marketing, media, technology, and the environment.

I have written for business at many levels, from board reports to strategies and analysis to the copy that launches a product to market. I've also attended over 2000 hours of live events, providing reports that vary from literal transcripts to executive summaries for the world’s leading companies, from Microsoft to SAP. My broad skillset means I can provide the writing services best suited to the project.

I keep my copy and marketing skills sharp with regular flash and microfiction and regularly produce longer work in all its forms: from poetry to comedy sketches, from plays to long prose.

Artist & Designer

Since training at Northbrook College, I've has built a diverse portfolio of artworks and brands (with plenty more to come throughout 2021). I provide cartoons, illustrations, fine art and design, for individuals and corporates.

I'm an accomplished professional designer, proficient in Adobe Creative Suite from Photoshop to Premiere. I established the Jokertoons brand to provide a new kind of illustration and communication for businesses. The brand’s expanded to individual retail, with over 300 off-the-peg designs available for immediate purchase through multiple online outlets (Amazon, Teepublic, Redbubble are three).

I am just in the process of launching my fine art brand, showcasing digital and physical art. Through Jokermatt, I'm comfortable developing art that challenges and creates conversation and graphics that communicate and shape brands to commission.

Marketing, art and writing - where shall we start?

Recent Art Exhibitions

  • Restriction, Correspondence Collective, March 2021
  • Nostalgia, The Holy Art, April 2021
  • Fragment, Pragmata, March 2021

Recent Art Series

  • Apollo Moon, Digital series, 2019
  • London Lockdown, Digital art series, 2021
  • Year of Plague, Canvas series, 2020-2021

Select Clients & Employers

  • SAP
  • 10 Downing Street
  • International Institute of Strategic Studies
  • Mirror
  • The Guardian
  • Open Energy Market
  • Amaiz
  • Ubiqus UK
  • Channel 4
  • BBC
  • London Skybar
  • Altitude London
  • Brewdog
  • Mercer (MMC)
  • Octopus
  • Microsoft
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